Cat in the Bowl was born on a sweet sun-shower January day of year 2008, and how has it bloom since then! Tired & bored of their same-old, same-old engineering work, Danielle & Aaron took a step out of their circle & one day just decided to break the rut & thus, Cat in a Bowl. Cat in the Bowl was initially started off as blogshop named “Cat in a Bowl” and after about a year, we’ve decided to move out & on from there.

The inspiration? We love fun, classic, fresh, stylish & wearable pieces at affordable prices. Items in our store are handpicked by us from our stockist.

Our Cat’s Creation label are our own manufactured line where we draw inspiration from the exciting fashion world, in hope to provide more one-of-a-kind pieces to our valued customers.

Today, our passion & our love for fashion are burning high & we strive to bring you more fabulous, fierce fashion pieces.

So, come dig in our bowl for unique but affordable pieces! You’ll never know how close you came until you fall in love with us…. xoxo

To all of you, from all of us at Cat in the Bowl Studio – Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Danielle & Aaron

www.catinthebowl.com is proudly brought to you by Cat in the Bowl Studio