Wedding: Tinted Pink


Tinted pink.. where the romance blooms. Aaahh.. just the thought how romantic is a tinted pink wedding could be makes our hearts melt. The possibility is endless if you are styling your wedding based on this colour, from pink peonies & roses to a pretty in blush wedding dress to pastel pink wedding cake to bridesmaids in pink. The soft pink colour is so soothing to the eyes & will definitely make your wedding an unforgettable one.

Spotlight: Fashion by Mayhem


Fashion by Mayhem was started by a mother-daughter duo. This amazing lil’ girl named “Mayhem” hit it big on their Instagram account @2sisters_angie with her awesome paper outfits which have started hashtag trend #fashionbymayhem. You will be amazed with this little fashion aficionado’s creations – from inspired red carpet & runway looks to Frozen dresses & her own fab designs! Super love her attitude & poses for her “OOTD”. Mayhem at work: Mayhem’s Red Carpet Inspired Looks: Mayhem’s Runway Inspired Looks: By Mayhem: So cute we could die!!!!

Yay or Nay: Temporary Tattoos

We've been noticing this trend of temporary tattoos blooming like mushrooms over in Etsy & Youtube. As Mr. Kate of Youtube named hers as beautymarks, would you be spotted with temporary beautymarks yourself? Below are some of our favourites that we have been stalking! Pepperink   We are enthralled by the vintage florals & illustrations tattoos they have in house.  Tattoorary If you prefer the classic black, check this Etsy store! Our fave from them, their floral & lil' animals tattoos. titooforyou Whimsical!!!!! Can you resist them? Chloe Wilson Art They have the most quirky, hipter-ish temporary tattoos. Mr. Kate Up-to-date & trendy gold tattoos from Mr. Kate. Pictures from littleblacksequin & whimsicarol via Instagram. This trend is definitely getting a thumbs up from us! Share with us what do...